The PUB-Web Library

The Paderborn University BSP Web Computing (PUB-Web) Library is a powerful Java library for running parallel programs in the bulk-synchronous (BSP) fashion on computers connected over the Internet, utilizing only the unused computing power on these machines. In order to support various kinds of operating systems and to dispose of security impacts typical for a C-implementation, PUB-Web has been implemented in Java; though this means a certain performance-loss compared to C, the Java Sandbox provides a convincing security concept, which is a key requirement for web computing. PUB-Web is not just a re-invention of client-server applications with simple parallelisation tailored to a specific problem like SETI@home or, but it is a Peer-to-Peer middleware which allows to run arbitrary parallel programs in the BSP style.

I have developed PUB-Web during my (PhD) studies. Please visit the project website for further information