This is a tool for sending SMS via your mobile phone. In principle, every modern mobile phone should be supported.


The connection to the mobile phone is established via the serial interface. In principle, every serial emulation (e.g. via USB, IrDA, Bluetooth) should also work if an error-free connection is guaranteed (especially in the wireless cases IrDA resp. Bluetooth).
By default, the first serial device (/dev/ttyS0) is used. If another device is to be used, it can be specified as an optional parameter when launching the application, e.g.:

	ksmstool /dev/ttyS1
	ksmstool /dev/ttyUSB0
	ksmstool /dev/ircomm0
	ksmstool /dev/rfcomm0

Your can create your own predefined phone book entries by adding them to the file ~/.ksmstool/addressbook.csv. Per line, there is one phone number, followed by the corresponding name; possible seperator characters are tabulators, commas, or semicolons.

All sent SMS are saved in the log file ~/.ksmstool/sent.txt.

KSMS-Tool is available under the GNU General Public License (GPL), and it is partially based on the SMS Server Tools by Stefan Frings which are available under GPL, too.

Note: This application has no longer been maintained since 2007. Here you can download the latest version: KSMS-Tool (RPM), KSMS-Tool (Source). System requirements: Linux, X, and Qt. To launch the application, simply run the command ksmstool.