Secrets-Editor is a tool to save text files, images, and other documents in an encrypted form (passphrase encryption with SHA-256 and AES).

The program running on Windows

Secrets-Editor is a simple text editor. When you save a new file for the first time, you have to specify a password or a passphrase; it will then be used for authentification when you open the file again.

Since version 3.0 you can encrypt arbitrary documents with the Secrets-Editor (see menu Add-Ons).

Version 4.0 contains a security update. We recommend to update the application and your .stxt/.simg/.sdat documents (open them using Secrets-Editor 4.0 and overwrite them).

Version 5.0 is a complete re-design and does not require Java any longer. As new features, one can now type selected text into other applications without using the clipboard; optionally, it is possible to append a tabulator or return key stroke, in order to jump to the next input field or send the data. Note: version 5.0 cannot read .stxt/.simg/.sdat documents older than version 4.0; these need to be upgraded using version 4.0 first.

Here you can download the program:

Here you can obtain the latest Java-based version: JAG & the-dom Secrets-Editor 4.0 (Windows Installer). If you don't have installed Oracle's Java Runtime Environment (JRE) so far (or if you have an older version than 1.5), please install first the recent JRE: Furthermore, the Java Cryptography Extension (JCE) unlimited strength jurisdiction policy files are mandatorarily required, which are also available at the Java download webpage.